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Baskets for Relief 

25th July, 2020 14.00-16.00 (BST)

A two hour online workshop via Zoom with Lisa Allred in aid of Sister to Sister. Lisa will be teaching Dayanisma basket dialect that includes slow and fast basket based on FatChanceStyle® belly dance.

If you don't have a basket check out Lisa's video below for substitute ideas

Your donation of £25 will be split between our Sewing workshop project (making washable sanitary towels and Covid 19 masks) and our Contraceptive Implant Project empowering women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Simply make your donation of £25 now to secure your place

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As we face uncertainty and turmoil in our daily lives, join Lisa for a celebration of life and dance.  Baskets are vessels for community, bringing us together around shared meals, shared resources and even shared movement.  We invite you to join together virtually with your dance community to lift up those who are struggling and find solace in the joy of dancing with friends.


Baskets for Relief is a worldwide virtual tour to raise money for dancers, dance studios and charities in the host countries. 

Lisa is donating all of her time for this project and 100% of the money raised from this workshop will go to Sister to Sister. 


Lisa has been dancing, teaching and performing FCBD® with baskets for almost a decade.  As the co-director of Dayanisma, she helped create the troupe’s signature slow and fast basket dialect. 

Lisa continues to partner with Dawn Ruckert as Dayanimsa.  She also teaches as Lisa Allred Dance and performs with her new troupe, the Red Sage Collective.  Lisa is a co-owner of the Belly Dance Business Academy and a co-producer of Reunion.  In addition to teaching dance, she offers a variety of workshops that combine psychology and dance on topics such as stage presence, motivation, creativity within structure, conflict management, managing troupes and more!  Lisa is eternally thankful to her teacher and friend, Dawn Ruckert.  For information on Lisa and Dawn’s online basket class that contains the ENTIRE fast basket dialect, visit Lisa’s website.  Finally, Lisa is very grateful to Afrit Temple for permission to use their music to teach on this tour.  Please check out their music on Itunes.

If you can't make the UK date but would like to support Lisa's initiative she is also presenting this workshop online in:

Poland - 5th July - Agata Zakrzewska

Germany - 12th July - Virginie Violett

Russia -  2nd August - Tina Advena

France - 29th August - Sorella Gaia Magali

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