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Kathy Stahlman


Teaching ATS® belly dance worldwide since 2002 Kathy is a FatChance® Sister Studio SSCE, certified ATS® instructor and an early member of FatChanceBellyDance®.  Having joined FatChance® when the troupe and dance form were only 8 years old, Kathy brings a unique historical perspective to ATS® and the history of the dance company. During her tenure with FatChance® Kathy was involved in the making of two instructional DVDs,  the original Vol.4: Advanced Workshop (now released as Vol.4: Embellishments & Variations) and Vol 5: Cues & Transitions and is included in the DVD The 20 Year Retrospective, Director’s Cut. She also participated in the creation of FatChance’s first theater show and performance video titled The Gypsy Trail, Antiquity & the Avant Garde. Recognized as the longest continuous student of ATS®,  Kathy is a beloved teacher, mentor, community builder and has been interviewed in several dance publications including the cover story of Zagahreet Magazine, Sept 2013.

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Serendipity Workshops

Flower Power Happy Hour 

Plenary Session for all participants

Grab a partner, your makeup kit, a dab of glitter and some glow in the dark paint for this 60 minute “face off” play session. Your partner’s face is your canvas. Set your imagination free to create a Flower Power-inspired look -- from psychedelic to boho-chic. Each person gets 30 minutes to paint their partner. Glitter and glow in the dark paint will be provided. It will be groovy good time!


Illuminate the beauty of slow FATCHANCE® style and ignite your fast vocabulary by adding the powerful and mystical element of FIRE. This workshop is a great for dancers who want to add fire props to slow or fast FATCHANCE® style movements using palm torches or fire fans. The selected steps will ensure clear

and safe solo and troupe fire dancing for a fun and dramatic experience. The techniques and drills we use in this workshop will give you confidence to practice with unlit props in your own studios. We’ll be working with unlit palm torches in this workshop. Practice props will be available in limited quantity. Don’t worry, we won’t be lighting up. Kathy was trained by FATCHANCE® For Fire founder Amber Hunt and is a member of the FATCHANCE® Fire Tribe.

Best for: Intermediate and up. 


The last few years we have seen an evolution in stylization and an explosion of new FatChance® Style dialect movements. This workshop looks to the past to bring back to life steps and formations that have been altered or lost in the evolution of FatChance® Style. As the last remaining member of the original troupe, Kathy’s workshop is a rare opportunity to discover (or re-discover) original fast and slow movements, some of which were created during her time as a principal dancer with FatChanceBellyDance®. In this workshop we drill and dance the Vintage FatChance® Style steps, recreate beloved performance spaces of the San Francisco cafes and venues where FatChance® was born, and learn how to use Vintage Join Kathy in this living history workshop to

Best for intermediate and up.


With the blessing of Mama C, Kathy has helped grow a global community of more than 300 members of a FatChance® Style as Sacred Dance Facebook group. This workshop is for dancers who want to explore ways to use FatChance® style in ritual, as a sacred dance, or for those who feel that FatChance® style speaks to them in a sacred way. In this workshop we work with the elements (earth, air, fire and water), FatChance® Style movements and our favorite sacred and witchy songs to create solo and group improv sacred dances.

Best for intermediate and up.

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