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Lesley dances with Kalash Tribal. 

She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and has been studying the Shamanic Practices of the Celtic, Egyptian, American Indian and Inkan traditions with Eliana Harvey at Shamanka, attaining Advanced Practitioner status and becoming part of the teaching team. 

Believing that performance is about energy, connection and spirit, Lesley has woven together her two passions to bring two unique workshops to Serendipity. 

Serendipity Workshops

Shamanic Healing Circle Friday Evening Plenary Session

Shamanic practice encourages and enables us to connect more fully to the world around us, to nature and to the spirit world. In sacred space you will be shown a simple technique to deepen your connection to the earth in order to become more grounded. The main part of the session is a relaxing group energy healing (bring a blanket). We close by sending healing out into the world, sharing the abundance of universal love with those who need it most.

Finding your Power Animal 

Our power animal is a lifelong companion who supports us and helps us to walk a strong path. It is both a reflection of who you are and a constant, helpful companion. In this workshop we journey to meet our power animals and start to dance with them.

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