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Melody Bustillos

From Salt Lake City Utah, Certified FCBD® instructor,  is the director of Salt City Tribe, is a collective member of the Sisterhood al Sayf, and creator of FCBD® single and double sword dialect.  


Her dance history started at a young age in modern dance prior to her bellydance journey. She has travelled and studied with legendary masters of the dance, honing and expanding skills and abilities that enhance her dance style. With over 30 years of sword dancing and strong roots with folkloric and classic belly dance knowledge, she is taking her expression to new heights fusing and experimenting, mixing new concepts with old Raks al Sayf, the sword dance. 

Melody is an inspirational, articulated and highly educated instructor.  She is soulful and heartfelt in her performances. She has enchanted audiences and mentored fellow dancers, performing and teaching at festivals worldwide. 

Serendipity Workshops

Basic Sword Handling for Single and Double Swords 


Anyway You Slice It – Sword Concept



  •  any swords you may have and be prepared to share with a partner

​     OR

  •  if Swords are not an option, bring 2 Wooden dowels - 1.5 - 2 inch in diameter and at least 36 inches long

  • Cotton scarf or bandana

  • Bees wax if you wish (optional)

This workshop’s focus is on Double Sword adaptation to the FCBD® slow vocabulary.

The nuances can be tricky when dancing with swords. There are angles and positions key to the sword presentation. Counterbalance and left arm co-ordination is also a factor. We will work on strategic placement and balancing double swords, embellishments set up for Double Blender, Windmill, and exit strategy options for a graceful and powerful performance. 

Time permitting, I will teach some new dialect incorporated to the sword platform, 13 new moves total.

Queens Court Concept

Basic and Simple Option, Duet Centric Formation

The Queen’s Court formation enables a large group of beautiful “featured dancers” to dance together, at the same time, using in-the-round staging. This formation is a great alternative to rotating quartets, trios, and duets in and out of chorus. By engaging all the dancers in the same formation at the same time, viewers experience a magical whirlwind of colors and motion while dancers weave, fade, and circle.  

In this workshop you will learn the rules of engagement and dynamics of the Queens Court formation. You will learn how to set up the inner/outer circle formation and how to make it work in the round. We will drill the formation with music suitable for fast vocabulary in groups of 6 -8 dancers.

What is needed:​

  • Some understanding of FCBD Level 1 and Level 2 fast vocabulary

  • Patience and a great sense of humour

  • Come prepared for some fun

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