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LIVE Online dance classes in the worldwide phenomenon of FatChance®style belly dance - formerly American Tribal Style (ATS), with me, Kelley Beeston, the only graduate of Advanced Teacher Training in the UK and Europe and a FatChanceBellyDance® Continuing Education instructor


Learn to dance step by step from absolute beginner to performance level should you wish.


This beautiful improvisational style is a modern form of belly dance, inspired by the folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa and India with further influence from Spanish flamenco, which weaves together mysteriously slow sensual movements with earthy energetic steps - the effect is stunning with no need to remember choreography


Instead the dancers learn to lead and follow, using a ‘language’ of steps, cues and gestures to ‘talk’ to each other and tell each other what will happen, creating an inclusive collaborative team of dancers all working as one. It’s fun, sociable, a great way to get fit and can help improve core stability, self-esteem and confidence no matter your age, shape or size – it really is a workout for mind, body and soul​


My online classes happen live in real-time so you can ask questions and everyone is able to interact and dance with each other. I didn't want to offer the typical pre-recorded lesson uploaded to the internet where people just sign up to watch in isolation because that defeats the object of this group dance. I couldn't bear the thought of teaching to a camera but wanted to be able to offer classes that are as 'real' as possible.


I’ve invested in some technology and have been on a steep learning curve but we are now able to work in small interactive groups recreating our dance formations and chorus and have even managed virtual performance - no it's not the same as the real thing but under the circumstances we're 'absobloodylutely' loving it

Whilst Covid restrictions vary from country to country we are enjoying the security that our online classes provide giving us continuity, stability, togetherness and a unifying experience and with no geographic barriers we really can dance with anyone anywhere in the world.

Rest assured I will continue my online classes in the future

The Classes

classes are offered in blocks of 4 consecutive weeks costing £20​ (plus £1 to cover Paypal fee​)​​

Please ensure you have read the Smallprint

Level 1 & Level 1+  

Classic Steps plus a couple that aren't!

Saturdays 10.30 - 11.30 (UK time)

class re-starts 9th January 2021 then ongoing

This class is ideal for the absolute beginner and for those more advanced dancers wishing to work on their technique.

Kelley will teach you how to dance step by step, no previous experience required

Each class will start with a warmup dance, stretches and Gratitude Meditation

You will learn the root step in each of the 4 families of Fast Steps in the FatChanceBellyDance® vocabulary - Rhythmic Undulation (Arabic), Shimmy, Swivel Step (Egyptian) and Hip/Pivot Bump then moving on we'll add  Single Bump, Double Bump, Reach & Sit plus (Chico) 4 Corners and Box Step

In the Slow vocabulary of movements we'll break down the Figure Eight (Taxeem), Wrist Rotation (Hand Floreo), Arm Undulations, Body Wave followed by Torso Rotation, Circle Step, Reverse Turn, Propellor Turn, Corkscrew Turn

We’ll introduce posture, finger cymbals (zils) and the core concepts of how to lead and follow so you can dance with others in formations anywhere in the World  with no need to learn choreography. If you don't already have finger cymbals then you can buy them online - check out my Tribalog on Choosing Zils

Level 2 & Level 2+

Classic & Modern plus a few Approved Dialect Steps

Tuesdays 18.45 - 19.45 (UK time)

class re-starts 5th January 2021 then ongoing

This class is for those who have completed "Level 1 & Level 1 +" online with Kelley and/or  have a good working knowledge of the steps outlined above. Ideal for the Improver or Intermediate dancer and again for those more advanced dancers wishing to work on their technique. Kelley includes her innovative way to actually dance in duets and chorus

Each class will start with a warmup dance, stretches and Gratitude Meditation

Steps we'll be breaking down in the  Fast Classic vocabulary are - Forward & Back Shimmy (Turkish Shimmy) and with 1/4 and 1/2 turns,  (Arabic) Hip Twist and 1/2 turn,  Choo Choo Arc Arms, Up 2 Down 3 with Military zil pattern, Ryhthmic Undulation with Shimmy (Arabic Shimmy).  Moving on we'll add some of the Modern Steps - Forward and Back Shimmy with Arms and Turn -FABSWAAT, (Turkish Shimmy with Arms And Turn), Single Bump 1/2 turn, Rhythmic Undulation with Shimmy with Arms and Turn - RUnSWAAT (Arabic Shimmy with Arms And Turn), Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop Combo, Ghawazee Inspired Shimmy Combo, Swivel Step Full Turn (Egyptian Full Turn), Sunanda, Resham-ka, ASWAAT fade and circle, TSWAAT in circle, AHT Flourish and a few of the approved dialect steps - AHT  Flourish & Fade and in circle, Push Forward & Back  and (Arabic) Double Turn

In the Slow Classic vocabulary of movements we'll break down the Balancing Step (Camelwalk), Ribcage Rotation, Reverse Figure Eight  (Reverse Taxeem),  Head Slides, Torso Twist (turning), Circle Step turning and move on to the Modern - Walking Figure Eight (Walking Taxeem), Walking Body Wave and the dialect steps - Balancing Step with Turn (Loco Camel), Pulse Turn, The Rainbow and Medusa 1

This'll be fun online and may cause a few laughs - the concept of Chorus, Fade  and Diagonal Formation but where there's a will there's a way!!

Level 3 to 4

Modern & Approved Dialect Steps plus musicality and performance skills

Saturdays 11.45 - 13.00 (UK time)

class re-starts 9th January 2021 then ongoing


This class is for the more advanced dancer  who has completed both "Level 1 & Level 1 +" and "Level 2 & Level 2+" online with Kelley and/or  has a good working knowledge of the steps outlined in both courses above. As advanced dancers please ensure you have 'warmed up' prior to the class starting.


Adding more steps and combinations to your repertoire we'll break down the Modern Fast steps - (Arabic) 1-2-3, Waterpot, Wet Dog, Double Back with 1/2 turn, Spins and the Dialect steps - Roundhouse, Triple Swivel Step (Triple Egyptian)Alabama Twister, Triangle Step, Swivel Step Sweep Back (Egyptian Sevillana) and Resham-ka Spin

In the Slow vocabulary we'll look at the Modern Complex turns - Wraparound, Sahra and Barrel plus we'll break down the Dialect steps- Medusa 2, Strong Arm and variations, Wraparound Drop, Full Level and Level Drop


So how on earth does one teach (Arabic) Orbit and Passing Moves online when we're in self-isolation?  Well I have a few ideas up my sleeve and will also introduce my innovative way of actually dancing in trios and quartets

This class will also include musicality with music mapping, phrasing and interpreting our music, performance skills and planning as well as advanced concepts like Duelling Duets and dancing in the round - so we'll certainly have plenty to work on.

"Even though I am a former member of the FatChanceBellyDance® troupe I take every opportunity to study with Kelley. She is an inspirational teacher with a passion for detail and I love how she breaks down technique. She is also one of the kindest people I know. If you have the opportunity to study with Kelley your dance will be the richer for it."

Kathy Stahlman

former FatChanceBellyDance troupe member,  Certified Studio, USA

" I BLOODY love this woman. She’s the best FCBDstyle teacher I’ve had the pleasure to learn from (apart from Carolena) and one of the most warm-hearted, humble and generous souls I had the pleasure to find on my path"

Yuri Ferretti

Certified Studio, Germany

"Kelley Beeston is, without a doubt, one of the best teachers I've had the chance to learn from, and a truly wonderful and loving human being. She is very empathic and attentive to each and everyone, she fully understands how we each learn in different ways and she uses all the resources she can to get the message through to you. She has brilliant tips and visualizations that you will never forget, and that truly help with your understanding and practice of the movements. Her classes are inclusive, fun and relaxed, and always so efficient, that even as a more skilled dancer there is always something to learn or improve! I absolutely recommend her classes, to all dancers and newcomers "

Sofia Franco

Certified Studio/TribalX, Portugal

Keep Safe     Keep Sane     Keep Dancing