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Samantha Emanuel


Samantha discovered movement in her early 20's, through Kung Fu and Belly Dance. She quickly discovered Tribal fusion thanks to Rachel Brice and fell for the style. She had found her passion, her niche and has been studying, teaching and performing internationally since 2006. She toured with Miles Copeland's The BellyDance Superstars, collaborating with dancers at the top of the genre. 

She has performed and taught workshops in over 42 countries. Her dedication to movement and its power to connect people from all continents keep her on the move.

In 2018 a serious accident left her immobilized. She worked through ten months of rehabilitation.  Living through the experience has given her better understanding for those with injuries, at the physical and psychological level. It taught her the absolute value of movement for ALL. She is driven to learn and to share the limitless benefits of movement through varied disciplines. 

She is from the UK and currently based in Burgundy, France, with her partner and her 3year old daughter. 

Samantha Emanuel is Level 3 Mat Pilates City and Guilds qualified and FRCms Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. 

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