Serendipity Workshop Choices

We have a wide variety of workshops from drumming and dancing to relaxation and crafts.

We would like to limit the number of people in each workshop to give you the best experience possible but will endeavour to ensure you get your first choices - we will contact you should a particular workshop be heavily subscribed

In addition to the workshops below all participants are welcome to join the morning yoga or meditation and the afternoon yoga cool down sessions

Craft workshops are limited to 8/10 people and you may only choose ONE craft workshop 

Please note: those requiring SSCE certification are guaranteed a place in the SSCE workshops of their choice


Please ensure you have read the full workshop descriptions and choose ONE workshop in each time slot:

and that you have chosen only ONE craft workshop over the entire weekend

Saturday 9.45 - 11.45
Saturday 12.05 - 13.35
Saturday 14.15 - 16.15
Saturday 16.35 - 17.35
Sunday 9.45 - 11.45
Sunday 12.05 - 13.35
Sunday 14.15- 16.15

We will have a number of drums you can borrow for the drumming workshops but if you can bring your own it will really help - thanks

Will you need to borrow a drum?

Thanks for submitting and we hope you have a wonderful weekend at Serendipity!