Covid-19 - Let's Dance - LIVE Online Classes 

Tribal Classics & Beyond

Saturdays 10.30 - 11.35

Classes - transferred to ONLINE until further notice

Learn the system of FatChance®style belly dance from absolute beginner to performance level  (if you wish)

We’ll teach you how to dance step by step

You will learn the basic vocabulary of fast and slow steps

We’ll introduce posture, zils (finger cymbals – we have some you can borrow) and the core concepts of how to lead and follow so you can dance with others in formations with no need to learn choreography


Moving on we’ll add to your repertoire using creative combinations, practising leading and following, transitioning between moves, working in formations and chorus

You are welcome to join us at any time as we have plenty of review in every class

So dedicate some time to yourself and enjoy the power of dancing in a fun and friendly class

The Next Step & Musicality

Saturdays 11.45 - 13.00

Classes - transferred to ONLINE until further notice

Adding more steps and combinations we'll use them to interpret our music. Each week we’ll choose a track and take it apart, map out the phrasing, look for the coat hangers and memory joggers!

How does the music make us feel, is it swirly, bouncy, bumpy, what steps could we use to fit how we feel. How do we transition smoothly from one step to another, one phrase to the next.

Lots of drills and dance practise.

A good knowledge of the classic FCBD® steps covered in Tribal Basics & Beyond is required for these classes

Old Heathcoat School Community Centre (OHSCC)
  King St, Tiverton, EX16 5JJ 

Kalash Panache

Every 2nd Saturday of the month 10.30 - 13.00

Classes -  transferred to ONLINE until further notice

Every second Saturday in the month we link our two morning classes together to give more time to work on mastering skills and technique as we systematically work our way through the complete FCBD® syllabus to cover all the steps and concepts in the General Skills Classic and Modern courses

Ideal for the novice wanting to take a look at new steps and the advanced dancer wishing to hone skills, technique, posture and all those little nuances that make a difference

Price – £17 per master class OR two sessions on your class card

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Kelley Beeston


I'm really looking forward to dancing with you and introducing you to what could be a life changing experience - it certainly was for me 

I never imagined I would be teaching all over the world or 

dancing on a stage

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Kalash Tribal

 Kalash Tribal are a FatChanceStyle belly dance performance troupe based in Devon, UK

directed by Kelley Beeston, a FatChanceBellyDance® advanced instructor teaching classes and workshops in the UK and abroad

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