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Kelley Beeston - Kalash Tribal

In 2007, after attending Egyptian belly dance classes, Kelley discovered American Tribal Style® (ATS) now called FatChanceBellyDance®style and embarked on the most amazing  journey of self-discovery. She fell in love with this dramatic and eclectic dance form - the cultural roots, rhythms and music together with the camaraderie, costumes and ethnic jewellery encompassing her love of all things tribal  – the people, cultures and history.

Kelley’s passion radiates through when performing with her dance troupe, Kalash Tribal, in her weekly classes and workshops both at home and abroad, for her there is something magical and empowering about this style of dance which she absolutely loves to share. 

She is well known for her inclusive, approachable teaching style often structuring her workshops holistically around a theme or concept. Her innate ability to break things down and simplify the most difficult steps and ideas has earned her a reputation as a thorough and knowledgeable teacher.

In 2008 she launched Oasis attended by dance students, teachers and Certified Studios from all over the United Kingdom. Oasis is a much-loved event in the tribal calendar providing quarterly structured workshops with tuition from an experienced, dedicated, warm and friendly teacher. As a self-confessed FCBD®style ‘geek’, she loves to explore the intricacies of group dynamics, communication/interaction, connectivity and confident

Kelley SSCE Instructor.jpg

performance – in other words delivering our dance – from dramatic entrance to rapturous applause. Over the years Kelley has nurtured a growing tribal family which now includes a truly international dance troupe "Panacea" who came together during the Covid 19 pandemic to dance and perform together albeit online.Based in SW England Kelley maintains her training with her master teacher and creator of FCBD®style, Carolena Nericcio in San Francisco  and has completed General Skills and Teacher Training certifications several times. She became a Certified Teacher and Studio in 2010 and was handpicked by Carolena and her Tribal Pura International partner Megha Gavin as one of only ten teachers worldwide to undergo their first ever Advanced Teacher Training and in June 2015 she graduated and qualified as a FatChance Continuing Education (FCCE) Instructor. She is honoured to assist Carolena in teaching both General Skills and Teacher Training and is part of the team teaching General Skills Online.

Serendipity Workshops

Throw Some Shapes

Let’s ‘throw some shapes’ because how you hold your arms can really make or break your presentation. We’ll work on creating beautiful, strong yet graceful arms from fingertips to fingertips to really bring out the flamenco passion and drama as well as breaking down some of our more complex modern slow turns which create the poses every photographer loves. Plus we’ll take a long hard look at ‘photo killer’ arms – the dreaded ‘W’ and how we can improve our arm posture.

‘Skills & Technique Workshop’

Magic Circles

During the pandemic many dancers stopped dancing because they discovered they needed to feel the energy of others. When we dance in a circle we are able to connect, feel that energy and get a beautiful sense of togetherness. There is no separation in a circle, everyone is equal, each dancer contributing to the whole. In this workshop we will explore how we use circles whether travelling, stationery or within the steps themselves to increase the magic of the circle.

‘Concepts & Formations Workshop’

Smooth Operator

Delivering perfect cues and transitions is the art of a great leader. Thinking ahead and giving as much warning as possible that something is about to change will set the whole group up for success and your follow dancers will thank you for it. The FCBD® language is intuitive relying on non-verbal communication to clearly transmit intention so we’ll have plenty of practice drills in groups with emphasis on cuing and smooth transitions between the fast vocabulary of steps and formations to make sure your message is received loud and crystal clear. We’ll explore how we get from A to B and how to iron out those clunky changes when things just don’t feel right.

‘Concepts & Formations Workshop’

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