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Join Kelley for a 2 hour FCBD®style ONLINE workshop 14.00 - 16.00 (UK time) £20 in advance

with the option to join us for the whole day and add on both morning classes  10.30 - 13.00 - £15

limited number of places - once they've gone they're gone

additional FREE Creative Chatter sessions are held for my regular students from time to time

a chance to get to know each other better while we do something creative

create whatever you like while we chat - cake, curtains, costume, jewellery etc

Next Dates

to be announced

Oasis came about in December 2008 when Kelley realised that many people do not have access to either a trained FCBD® certified teacher or fellow dancers nearby. Every few months she teaches informal workshops, often followed by an evening get together, where students, teachers, Certified Studios from the UK and Europe come together to dance, practise, share ideas and catch up with each other, usually around the fire pit or in the infamous barn!

Today it has evolved into an extended worldwide tribal family which, since the Covid 19 pandemic, uses Zoom to get together online.

Each 2 hour online workshop  is one of a series of intensives covering all aspects of FCBD®style from technique and performance skills to musicality and complicated concepts like Duelling Duets and café style but they all happen in real time. 

Kelley does not record her workshops because she feels passionately that it is important to dance and interact together as it happens. Using available technology to create a positive interactive experience which is as near to 'real-life' as possible we are able to dance in duets, trios and quartets and work together in groups. We may be dancing at home but we are not doing it alone. So take some time out just for you and come along to a fun workshop every few months and just dance your socks off for two whole hours. 


  • a knowledge of the classic FCBD® steps – Figure Eight (Taxeem), Body Wave, Torso Twist, Circle Step, Reverse, Propellor & Corkscrew Turns, Balancing Step (Camelwalk),  Swivel Step (Egyptian), Rhythmic Undulation (Arabic), Pivot Bump, Shimmy, Forward & Back Shimmy (Turkish Shimmy), Reach & Sit, (Arabic) Hip Twist, Double & Single Bumps and Up 2 Down 3

  • access to Zoom

  • dress up or down, bring a smile and zils of course!

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"Don't miss out!"


weekend residential retreat

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