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27 - 29  October 2023


Queen's College, Taunton, Somerset, UK

"great happiness and friendship is often found, quite

unexpectedly, in the most unlikely situations and places"

The Three Princes of Serendip

Persian Fairytale, 1302

2023 Serendipity.jpg


Jacqui and I are really excited to announce that Serendipity is moving to a new venue which is  easier to get to and cuts down on the travelling time for most of us


Kalash Tribal's Oasis workshops  have been running for just over 16 years making this Serendipity our 16th annual event

Join us for a fabulous weekend of inspiring workshops - dancing, drumming, crafting, relaxation, fun and friendship

with FCCE hours if you need them 

Explore the history and roots of FCBD®style (formerly ATS®)

from the music - drumbeats and rhythms

the dance - steps and concepts

 to journeys and influences along the way

Join our Facebook group to meet other participants,  keep up to date and see photos and videos from previous years or to share your travel plans

Scroll down to the Rogues Gallery to find out about our teachers and their workshops

Serendipity is incredible value for money

all levels of dancer and drummer

are "absobloodylutely" welcome

the complete package £270 includes

your accommodation, food, workshops, plenary sessions and entertainments


or pay a deposit now to confirm your place then 2 further instalments

Numbers are limited, so don't wait

visit the shop now 

to book your place

THE SMALLPRINT please ensure you read THE SMALLPRINTexplaining our Terms & Conditions as there are no refunds on this event

Full Information below
but first a few photos from previous years