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Master Teacher and Dancer of Tribal Bellydance and Vintage-Retro & Chic Tribal bellydance Master Teacher Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ Cinzia has devoted herself to Tribal Bellydance since 2005 and up to 2013 was significantly known for her work with the dance company Les Soeurs Tribales, of which she was a founding member. Currently she teaches and performs as a solo dancer in her Vintage and Chic Tribal Bellydance guise and with the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International and Caravan Project Italia and has formed a new Tribe called D-QU’s Tribe in collaboration with Asif Qu. She is also running a Tribal Bellydance/Fusion Teacher training program in Italy.

Serendipity Workshops


Shakti Yoga


A yoga class that gently builds strength, flexibility, endurance and releases mental and emotional tensions. A style of Yoga with movements to connect with the feminine energy and get in touch with the inner feminine creative potential.

The perfect blend of movement, breathing and affirmation to start your dancing day.

Open to any level and ability

Yin Yoga Cool Down 

Yin Yoga is the practice of relaxation and release using the theories of Chinese medicine. It’s a simple and slow-paced practice that acts deeply on the body, in particular on connective tissue. This type of practice has numerous benefits: it improves the ability of movement of the joints, stimulates the energy flow of the meridians and organs, calm emotions and prepares the body and mind to enter into meditation. Keeping each asana (position) for a few minutes (3 to 5 min in general) and with deep breathing and consciousness, it will go towards a gradual and slow relaxation of the muscles and stretching in a safe and therapeutic way. The Yin Yoga practice focuses on self-observation and listening. Developing the ability to observe the movement in non-movement, to perceive the sensations of the body or the emotions that emerge and to listen to the breath, with the mind and the heart

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