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Serendipity - a Persian fairytale, 1302

The Three Princes of Serendip

In a land called Serendippo, a long time ago,

lived three princes, the sons of a king, and so…

The three young princes went forth in the land

in search of glory and treasure to have in their hand.

While travelling along the princes found suffering and hardship

but also, quite unexpectedly, great happiness and friendship.

This great and wonderful good was found in the most unlikely situations and places

So the three princes searched and searched in all sorts of spaces.

They followed a camel’s footsteps and they did observe

something that really threw them a curve.

Grass on the right that was green as could be

but only grass on the left was eaten up, you see.

This camel clearly was blind since the good grass he did not eat

and the princes noticed that he did drag one of his feet.

Even though the camel was hidden from view

the princes were sure that this camel someone knew.

Along came a man, who said to the three

“I’ve found a camel who was wandering free”.

The princes were right, this camel was near.

They were telling the truth, for all who could hear.

Upon their return home after travelling far

the princes told the king all that they saw.

They decided to coin a word to tell what they knew

that unexpectedly one can find what’s pleasant and new

This word is serendipity, the princes thought

to describe what is good even though not sought.


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