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Hailing from Casablanca -- Morocco-- , Nawarra studied Arts and Drama at University before taking the opportunity in 1996 to come to the UK and Continue her Studies in Leeds.


In Morocco she was a member of Various Theatre Groups specialising in Sketch-shows and Comedy and also working with some of the Top Moroccan Comedians. She loves to entertain and brings a great passion, high energy and sense of fun to every performance.

Privileged to be pointed at several times as the Moroccan Fifi... Built her own dance style and honoured to see her name more and more linked to anything Moroccan.

With a Master Degree in Drama and Arts, she also works freelance giving lectures, in both Bradford and Huddersfield Universities, on North African cultural Heritage  and related subjects.

She took part in an enormous dance events all over the world for more than 15 years, from Morocco to Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Israel , Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Japan, Ireland, and a lot more.

She was a guest performer in Sweden recently .


Her Funoon Project was a simple dream that came to reality thanks to so many dedicated dancers.

The passion behind Funoon show Tour in the UK was just phenomenonal. It is a theatre show dedicated entirely to the Folkloric dances of the Middle East, demonstrating that there is so much love for Arabic Dance more than just the glittery world of Cabaret belly dance.

She co-founded the Funoon company, a venture spreading access to traditional ME dance, and mainly seeking in Introducing not only Arabic music but the Arabic language through either acting or introductions to every folkloric dance. This has drawn a high interest from the Arab media -  BBC Arabic, AlGhad Alarabi and Aljazeera and Hespress.  She has also set up a flourishing travel agency taking dancers from all over the world to experience first hand the sights, sounds, people and culture of her beloved Morocco.

Her drive to keep Folkloric style alive is big, especially the North African style.  Nawarra says"I will carry on doing it till my end... so Funoon Dance camp is and will go on to become an inspiration and ongoing resource for dancers as well as a source of pleasure and pride for people of Arabian descent coming or growing up in the UK…"

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