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Marek Ciechanowski


Marek is a FCBD® certified teacher and Certified Studio based in Westcliff, Essex in the UK.

He has been teaching FCBD® style ever since he completed his training in Katoomba Australia in 2016.

Since then he has continued with his dance education and has completed the 'Technique for Teachers' certification and attended 'Tribal Pura'.

Marek has attended many workshops worldwide including ATS® Homecoming and ATS® Reunion in San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

He has a passion for this organic style of dance and loves to share not only his knowledge with his students but also loves to share the joy of this art form with the audience.

He has been fortunate to teach workshops in the UK, Italy, Germany & New Zealand and he always likes to bring some fun, kindness and maybe some cake wherever he goes.

Here's a little something for you to enjoy
"Troupe Britannia" - a collaborative troupe of dancers from the UK organised by Kelley each year
for the annual  ATS® Homecoming and ATS® Reunion events in the USA

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