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Mercedes Romero

is a professional Flamenco dancer, teacher and choreographer.

She graduated from the Conservatory of Alicante, Spain in Spanish Dance & Flamenco and Classical Ballet.

She has performed and taught for over 25 years. Performing in Spain, Mexico, France, Italy and England with various dance companies such as Ballet Teatro Español de Rafael Aguilar, Ballet Español y Flamenco Martin Vargas, Ballet de Carmen Mota, Ballet titular Teatro de la Zarzuela and Teatro de la Maestranza, to name a few.

In Plymouth, Devon Mercedes has taught and performed at The Barbican Theatre for many years and created a small Flamenco group performing at various theatres and venues in Devon and Cornwall.

She appeared in some television programs for ITV, Carlton TV and Discovery Channel. Her favourite is “Dancing in the Dark” a program dedicated to Flamenco in the South West.

Maybe you recognize her from performing at Barbican Theatre, The Athenaeum, The Market Hall and West Point Arena with productions such as Put on your Red Shoes, Fierce, Civic, Digital Flamenco & Dervish Sonic, The Iberian Show… Also she teaches at Open Circle for Fuse Diverse Dance and at other venues in the area.


Serendipity Workshop


Many of the steps in our FatChance style belly dance take inspiration from flamenco. Join Mercedes for some real Flamenco and see and feel the influences from posture to attitude and styling.

What to expect from her class:

Mercedes lessons are dynamic and engaging with full body strength. She uses a mix of traditional and modern Flamenco to provide her students with the roots, style, technique and adds a new dimension to this passionate and vibrant dance.

She will be teaching Alegrias. A medium 12 bit tempo and one of the most popular and exciting form or palos of flamenco. There will be emphasis on the articulation of hands movement and foot work combining asyncopated and on the beat rhythms and some other body percussion.

Please bring any shoes or boots with sturdy chunky or block heels

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