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Angela Noble - Tribe Zuza


Dancing has always been part of Angela’s life from her early years at ballet classes she went on to explore many forms before falling in love with Tribal Style belly dance. She has travelled extensively to pursue her passion, seek training, gain experience and broaden her knowledge of the dance. She has gained teacher certification in both ATS® (FCBD® style) and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance®.

Tribe Zuza is Angela’s business, set up in 2005, offering tuition, performance, holidays and costuming. She is currently teaching 11 regular weekly classes in the North East of England as well as at festivals across the UK and internationally. Tribe Zuza hosts the longest running UK Tribal event, Tribal Goddess, in its 13th successful year.

Her first job was as a Wardrobe Mistress in the Theatre, from there she went on to lecture in textiles. Costuming was certainly part of the attraction to the dance. The idea of a costume evolving appealed to her hunter gatherer nature, going out and searching for pieces and combining them to make something beautiful. Each element has its own story, inspiration, origins and evolution.

This wonderful improvised dance has become a huge part of her life and she hopes that through her teaching she can encourage others on their own dance journeys.

Serendipity Workshops

Samhain Veil

Samhain approaches, a liminal time when the veil between this world and the next grows thin.

"I will dance the dance of dying days and sleeping life.

I will dance in cold, dead leaves a bending, whirling, human dance.

I will dance as the horned god rides across the skies.

I will dance to the music of his hounds running, baying in chorus.

I will dance with the ghosts of those gone before.

I will dance between the sleep of life and the dream of death.”

(Artist Unknown)

In this workshop we will explore dancing with a veil to bring an otherworldly quality of the season to this FCBD® dialect. Dance with your demons, your shadow self, express your dark side. 

** If possible bring a black veil - at least long enough to stretch between hands with arms extended and from nape of neck to mid calf, or there abouts.

I do have a few to lend as well.

Drawing Down the Moon

Dancing with a Frame Drum

In this workshop you will be introduced to the concept and technique of dancing with a frame drum as a prop. We will not be using the drum as an instrument while dancing, but you will be able to see the potential for how, in the future, this can be developed for the dancer who also wants to play. Using the core principles of FCBD® I have selected and modified from the existing vocabulary of slow powerful, dramatic moves, as well as, developing and creating new ones. However, the content is suitable for other improvisational formats or for choreography. There is a deep and ancient connection between women and frame drums, going back thousands of years and across most civilisations. A sacred thread that links women with their divine feminine moon energy. You will need a frame drum or something of a similar shape, around 14”-17” in diameter.

Wild Women 

"Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts,

passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

Her name is WILD WOMAN, but she is an endangered species…"

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


For centuries healers have created spirit and medicine dolls, weaving into their creations the wisdom of the ancestors and the healing power of nature. At this time of year we can connect with the power of our ancestors, to help guide and inspire us to create the wild woman figure that desires to come forth and be our personal totem. We can place within our doll written affirmations or secret items, that only we know about. Add embellishments from the natural world; flowers, herbs, stones or beads and other fripperies to adorn your doll to express her character and personality. ⠀ You can create a unique doll with intention, to represent someone or something specific, alternatively let the process be totally intuitive and create freely with no preconceived idea, just let your imagination flow! Only basic sewing skills are necessary. There will be plenty of materials available to use for your project but if you have fabric and items you’d like to include and incorporate, then do bring them along. If you have fabric scissors, consider bringing them too as I only have a limited number.