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Angela Noble - Tribe Zuza


Dancing has always been part of Angela’s life from her early years at ballet classes she went on to explore many forms before falling in love with Tribal Style belly dance. She has travelled extensively to pursue her passion, seek training, gain experience and broaden her knowledge of the dance. She has gained teacher certification in both ATS® (FCBD® style) and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance® and in July 2022 completed the FatChanceBellyDance® Technique for Teachers course.

Tribe Zuza is Angela’s business, set up in 2005, offering tuition, performance, holidays and costuming. She is currently teaching 11 regular weekly classes in the North East of England as well as at festivals across the UK and internationally. Tribe Zuza hosts the longest running UK Tribal event, Tribal Goddess, in its 13th successful year.

Her first job was as a Wardrobe Mistress in the Theatre, from there she went on to lecture in textiles. Costuming was certainly part of the attraction to the dance. The idea of a costume evolving appealed to her hunter gatherer nature, going out and searching for pieces and combining them to make something beautiful. Each element has its own story, inspiration, origins and evolution.

This wonderful improvised dance has become a huge part of her life and she hopes that through her teaching she can encourage others on their own dance journeys.

Serendipity Workshops

Slow and Powerful 
Working with our FCBD slow repertoire we will explore moving with intention to create a fluid and dramatic performance. Focusing on exercises and drills to improve posture, coordination, strength suppleness and balance. With an awareness of our breath, we’ll summon and tap into our own personal energy flow, developing smooth and graceful transitions. All this combines to make our practice a form of moving meditation.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly” Mae West

Drawing Down the Moon

I have expanded my dancing with a frame drum FCBD dialect to now include the fast repertoire.

For those who have not worked with me before you will be introduced to the concept and technique of dancing with a frame drum as a prop. We will not be using the drum as an instrument while dancing, but you will be able to see the potential for how, in the future, this can be developed for the dancer who also wants to play. Using the core principles of FCBD® I have selected and modified from the existing vocabulary of fast moves, as well as, developing and creating new ones.
There is a deep and ancient connection between women and frame drums, going back thousands of years and across most civilisations. A sacred thread that links women with their divine feminine moon energy.

You will need a frame drum or something of a similar shape, around 14”-17” in diameter.

Tobacco Tin Shrines

In this workshop we will repurpose a tobacco tin into a fabulous portable shrine.

You can simply create a thing of beauty or use Frida Kahlo (or even Frankenstein!) as your focus or honour a deity of your choosing. Bring along any images, trinkets, baubles, beads and other fripperies you’d like to incorporate but there will be materials and tins available on the day.
Ideas of things you could include, milagros, costume jewellery, stamps, prayer cards, flowers etc.

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