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Jacqui Spiers - Sirocco Tribal

Sister Studio

Jacqui’s Bellydance journey started back in 1997 inspired by Egyptian Bellydance and a love for traditional Baladi with its simple steps and earthy grounded movements.

A move to Devon in 1999 led to teaching many weekly Bellydance classes and also workshops for Devon Arts Initiative in Schools and Plymouth Religious & Cultural Centre, as well as working as a Complimentary Therapist.

Her first "real life" encounter with FCBD®style was whilst attending Majma Dance Festival at Glastonbury in 2001 and being totally mesmerized watching a solo performance by Tina Martinez. Having signed up for Tina’s workshops over the weekend the seed was then planted and on returning home Jacqui was inspired to learn and find out more about FatChanceBellyDance® and their dance.

Jacqui became a Sister Studio after taking GS and TT with Carolena and Megha at Glastonbury in 2008 and again two years later in San Francisco.  More recently in 2016 she undertook Technique for Teachers 4 Day Intensive at Tiverton, Devon .


 Jacqui is also one of the ‘Kalashies’ in Kelley’s performance troupe Kalash Tribal.

Jacqui Spiers.jpg

"For me there is something magical about ATS, the connection, friendship, transformation of dancers and of course the joy of 'Being In the Moment' when we all come together to dance! It’s Magic! "  -  Jacqui

Serendipity Workshops


How Slow Can You Go?


Let's slow down and turn our dance focus to the Now as we explore

ways to enhance our slow dance along with some tips on musicality 

A prior knowledge of most basic slow dance movements would be be advantageous for 

this workshop.

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