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Jaydee Amrita 


Jaydee Amrita began her journey into dance learning with Kelley Beeston of Kalash Tribal, ATS in 2011. 

Falling in love with ATS; she then started learning Bharatanatyam Classical Indian dance under private tutelage with Shakuntala and Odissi Classical Indian dance under Revital Carroll, with her lessons taking her on a pilgrimage around many of the ancient temples of Orissa; within which the dance originated. 

Innovating these classical traditions with contemporary Tribal Fusion bellydance, learning with Samantha Emanuel; she created an Indian Infusion Bellydance which brought all of these influences together, weaving a distinctive style with a flare for theatricality and creative interpretation of musicality. 

This journey lead to her performing and teaching workshops internationally whilst continuing her studies within the dances close to her heart. 


Serendipity Workshops


Introduction to Odissi

In this introductory workshop, Jaydee Amrita offers a beginners taste into the flavour of Odissi Classical Dance, bringing a touch of India for Serendipity’s “Hippy Trail”. Offering an entry into applied story telling via authentic Mudras (hand postures), statuesque body postures of Odissi and emotive abhinaya or “expression”; she initiates an experience of certain foundational movements from within the Classical Odissi repertoire.

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