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Mark Rossi - Tribe Zuza


Our very own 'Turbanator" the inimitable Mr Zuza joins us once again.

Many of you will have enjoyed his early morning meditations at Serendipity but this year he brings his skills to a new and exciting workshop creating peace and calm in a completely different way.

Don't forget to visit him at the Tribe Zuza Souk

where he will engage you in a bit of banter as he successfully persuades you to part with your cash!!

Serendipity Workshops

Mindful Photography

Mindful photography is a wonderful way to unwind, connect with nature and engage with your senses. Using just the camera on your phone, on automatic, simply point and snap, Mark will take you on a journey of discovery encouraging you to truly observe what you are about to photograph, allowing yourself to be in the moment, at one with your subject - a time for quiet contemplation and meditation.

Don’t judge your photographs, this is more about the process than the final result, reflect on how you felt taking the photograph, the sense of peace. Finally, go out there and enjoy yourself, take your time and be in the moment.

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