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This is where the fun really begins. There isn't a culture on the planet that doesn't use some form of adornment whether it be jewellery, scarring, tattoos or piercings. In some cultures these adornments are a rites of passage to womanhood or may reflect status within the society, they may attract or protect but for many of us we just love the display and the chance to dress up.

One of my pet hates is waste so I'm a bit of a hoarder. If an item has any potential to be re-used and up-cycled then it is stored away waiting for a chance for new life. I absolutely love creating something new and useable out of something that has been discarded as old or useless. When I have a new project in mind I love being able to go to my cupboard, shed or suitcase and have a rummage to find just the perfect thing to complete my project. How rewarding and wonderful to create a belt, necklace or headpiece that incorporates broken bits of jewellery, junk shop finds, the single earring that has lost its partner or a family hand-me-down that would otherwise sit hidden in a box or cupboard drawer. How exciting to use these items in our creations and bring them to life in our performances - for me it always feels so special to dance wearing something I have created from the bits and pieces that hold memories.

In addition to what we can lay our hands on at home then there is a fabulous selection of jewellery from the tribal peoples of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India such as the Turkoman and Kuchi. There are also some stunning pieces from the Tuareg and Imazighen of north Africa or the Miao from China.

Please think carefully about the provenance of any jewellery items you might be tempted to buy. There have been many examples of grave robbing or cases where tribal women are selling off their ancestral inheritance at vastly under-rated values just to earn a little money. There are many replicas around which will look just as effective on stage but again it is worth checking the source to ensure fair trade for tribal people.

Tribe Zuza has a fantastic selection of jewellery which you can buy online or from their souk at our annual Serendipity retreat


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