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an extraordinary performance troupe

As Unique As Your Event

Kalash Tribal, based in Devon, are one of the UK's best known and much loved FatChanceBellyDance®style troupes


They perform a wonderfully eclectic dance that fuses inspiration from Indian folkloric dance and Spanish flamenco with roots in traditional Middle Eastern and Northern African dance to weave a tapestry of improvisational choreography

If you’ve never seen this dance performed you and your audience will be mesmerised by the slow hypnotic movements combined with earthy energetic steps as the dancers spin and shimmy in unison whilst playing finger cymbals to world music and Middle Eastern drum rhythms

Their rich and vibrant costumes mix both old and new with authentic tribal textiles and heavy metal jewellery from along the Silk Road to create a spectacular display of flying skirts and twirling tassels

  • every performance is unique - tailor made for your event from music to lineup and costuming 

  • each set is around 15 minutes - choose from one set to several spread across a 4 hour time window 

  • captivate and entrance audiences of all ages 

  • perfect for weddings & handfastings, festivals & fairs, outdoor events
, private parties & celebrations (except stag do's - we don't do those!)

  • full public liability insurance

  • work with performers you can trust and are reliable

  • know your booking is safe and secure

  • book us direct - no agency or commission fees