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The Basic Costume

Getting started – the basic costume

No matter your age, shape or size our costume looks absolutely beautiful on everyone. It is vibrant and strong but needs good posture to really do it justice as there is a lot for the eye to behold.

Do please ask if you’re not sure what to buy as there is so much choice available, it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

For starters you will need:

▪ a very full 12 or 25 yard tiered skirt – plain black is an excellent choice for your first skirt – colours can always be added later as we often wear two skirts together when performing. They are worn beneath the navel and should touch the floor to create a long elegant line

▪ a choli – a black velvet open back choli is a foolproof classic and will get lots of wear. The V neck is very flattering but you can also get a sweetheart neckline. Sleeves can be long, short or with an open shoulder

▪ pantaloons – big and baggy in vibrant colours to make a splash against the black

▪ hip scarf or shawl - we don't use the jangly coin type of hip scarf in this dance style


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