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Kalash Tribal's Oasis workshops  have been running for just over 12 years making this year's Serendipity our 13th annual event 

As always we have a whole host of workshops to choose from including dancing, drumming, relaxation and crafts with a guaranteed 9 hours of ATS® workshops eligible for SSCE certificates if you need them 

Numbers are limited in each workshop so we can give a more personal experience but those requiring SSCE certification will be guaranteed a place on SSCE workshops

We'll be joined by our fabulous drum maestro Asif Qu of course, plus some extra special guests - watch this space!

Workshop information and timetable will be added nearer the time


The Workshops


Samantha Emanuel

Resilience for Dancers  (all levels)

No matter what style of dance you currently practice, this workshop will share techniques and movement exploration designed to give you the tools you need to look after your body and dance for many many more years. Based on Sam’s rehabilitation after serious pelvis injury and the research she continues to develop and explore, the aim is for you to enjoy pain free movement and autonomy in a resilient body. You will need a yoga mat and please dress comfortably

Princess Style  (Intermediate)

Sequences à la Tribal Fusion with grace and flair. Combos created by Sam in her signature style. Rooted in ATS and TF, fused with contemporary movements developed during Sam’s journey through rehab. Coordination, balance, fluidity and strength. You might need your knee pads for this one. Dress comfortably.

Spinal Health for ATS and Tribal Fusion (all levels)

Lumbar love, spinal waves and mobilisation designed for enhanced range of motion in order to dance with more ease for many years to come. We will explore tasks and techniques from a wide range of movement modalities.

Bring a yoga mat and dress comfortably.

Kelley Beeston

NB: all are eligible for Sister Studio Continuing Education (SSCE) certificates

Zils, Drills & Thrills  (for drummers and dancers of all levels)

“If you’re not using zils then you’re not dancing ATS®” - Carolena Nericcio

Finger cymbals or Zils really are ‘instrumental’ to ATS® adding an aural dimension for the audience to enjoy.

Our opening workshop on Friday evening kicks off with a crash course in zilling to get the party started. We'll explore different rhythms and have a jamming session, making music, dancing and getting really creative

Please bring zils and/or drums!

Ground Work  (all levels)

The very first steps we learn in ATS® are the fundamental roots of our whole dance but they are definitely not the easiest to master and perfect. This picky technique workshop re-visits some of our core steps in detail to ensure we have covered the groundwork and laid strong foundations with great technique. Perfect for the advanced dancer wanting to hone their skills and correct bad habits or as an introduction to Tribal for beginners

Dr K - ATS Doctor's Surgery (Intermediate and up) 

Usually you get to choose which steps the ATS Doctor will try to cure. But this year I get to diagnose which steps we'll cover in this Picky Technique workshop. We'll be looking at common ailments, symptoms and their remedies!!

Whirling Dervish   (Intermediate and up)                                                                    

If you’re spinning out of control then here are some hints, tips and drills for conquering the Calibrated Spin and finding your feet in other fast turns and travelling steps. We’ll explore exciting things you can do with both.

This is for anyone who would like to learn how to execute calibrated spins and crack the art of spinning, turning and travelling in formation

A Chorus Line   (all levels)

“A picture is a picture but put a beautiful frame around it and it will really stand out”

Like the fabulous chorus lines of bygone eras emphasis is on strong group ethics and synchronicity - the Chorus can make or break a performance. We’ll be looking at absolutely everything to do with creating and maintaining the most fabulous chorus from one to plenty in a variety of performance situations

Bring zils

Less is More  (Intermediate and up)

Transforming the way we use the steps in our dance vocabulary can really add new dynamics, versatility and continuity. We’ll be using building blocks and practising different strategies to tell a story saving you plenty of material for later and leaving the audience gasping for more


Mark Rossi

Hand reflexology  (no previous experience necessary)

Join me in this session to discover the art of enabling your body to help heal itself through hand reflexology. A practical session which will introduce the principles of reflexology, working with a partner or self. This peaceful meditative art will help you to bring about a complete state of relaxation

Jacqui Spiers

Everything Egyptian (Beginner Friendly or for those relatively new to ATS)

Basic Egyptian is one of the core ATS fast moves.  So lets have fun as we take a look at this joyful energetic move from head to toe and also explore how it works in combination with other ATS fast movements.

Dramatic, Dynamic Slow (Beginner Friendly or for those relatively new to ATS) 

Strong Graceful arms frame all our ATS movements.  We will take a look at ATS Posture, Arm Undulations and Hand Floreos how they work and showcase other basic slow movements.  Lets create some Drama! 

Angela Noble

ATS® with a sword (Intermediate and up)

A selection of dramatic modifications to the ATS® slow repertoire incorporating the use of a sword, with additional swashbuckling combos specially created for Serendipity.


Beginners Block Printing  (limited to 8 - 10 people)

Hand block printing is traditionally from India, come and learn how to print on fabric and paper using wood blocks. Explore different patterns and print techniques to create your own printed materials. A selection of printing blocks will be available to use, we will also look at how to improvise blocks of your own design. There will be fabric provided but you are welcome to bring items of your own you’d like to print on.

Asif Qu

Basics of Drumming Technique and Rhythm (open to all)

This workshops is drummers of any ability from complete beginner to improver/advance. You will be introduced to the various hits for playing the Darbuka, Frame drum and/or the riqq ( whichever you have, some spares will be available with advance notice). Experienced drummers will be taught more advanced hits. We then use these hits in rhythm and you will be taught at least 3 rhythms to practice your technique.

Khaliji   (open to all)

The khaliji is a really earthy rhythm. Using a system of polyrhythms, different sounding rhythms played on top of each other, we will put a little set together to play in the evening showcase. 


Let’s see how we ROLL  (open to all)

There are a number of rolls played in Middle Eastern percussion. Rolls are a technique used to fill in rhythm. Rolls consist of hand over hand 5 or 6 hit rolls to finger rolls.


Mercedes Romero

Flamenco (open to all)

 "Amigos!! Feel free to join me for this Flamenco social workshop, where we will be exploring different flamenco rhythms and movements.

Experience body percussion, zapateado (foot tapping), turns and all the basics of Flamenco while enjoying the passion and moods of its music in a friendly environment"

Sarah Bradley


Have you seen the fabulous handmade Colombian Musyca knots hip shawls? Well that's advanced stuff but Sarah will be giving us an introduction to learning the basic knots and techniques of macramé and you will all have something to take away with you by the end! If you have a few spare tribal coins, beads or old metal costume bits then bring them along to incorporate into your piece to add to your tribal costume

Cinzia di Coccio

Kundalini yoga, Pranayama, chanting

Kundalini, pranayama and chanting go hand in hand with each other. During the Kundalini Yoga, which is a physical, mental and spiritual journey aimed at awakening the Kundalini energy, the "sleeping" energy within us, rolled up like a snake, at the base of the vertebral column, corresponding to the first Chakra. We will use Pranayama techniques. Pranayama means both the breathing techniques used by yoga and the mechanism by which it is possible to absorb and control Prana, or the vital energy, the vital breath that fills the universe. According to the mystical vision of Yoga it is the vital energy that flows into every living being, and represents its source of sustenance. Finally we will chant to finish the session. A little chanting will be done at the beginning of the workshop too. Kundalini yoga is the perfect way to start your day. It will recharge your body ready for the dance sessions and set you up spiritually to gain the most for your experiences from the day


Yin Yoga Cool Down

Yoga but not how you know it. Yin yoga is the practice of relaxation and release using the theories of Chinese medicine. It’s a simple and slow-paced practice that acts deeply on the body, in particular on connective tissue. This type of Yoga has numerous benefits: it improves the ability of movement of the joints, stimulates the energy flow, calm emotions and is ideal to recover after a dance session.



Serendipity Timetable 2019 


those who have booked the Drummers Weekend do not need to choose workshops - your package automatically includes all drumming workshops and you are welcome to attend the Friday evening Zils, Drills and Thrills workshop (bring your drum and/or zils)

All packages include Zils, Thrills & Drills and the yoga and meditation sessions but remember you don't have to do every workshop available - if you want to take a break you CAN just chill 

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